*****Afternoon/Evening Classes*****

We will have classes this afternoon/evening, however use your own judgment and makeup classes will be given should you decide not to come.

See below for camp details

*********SNOW DAY CAMP, THURSDAY, JANUARY 18TH**********

Shining Light Gym is offering camp Thursday, January 18th due to school closings. Please remember camp if for children ages 3-12 and they must be potty trained. Your child must also be a member to attend any of our camps. The camp membership fee is $25. Daily rates are $30 for the 1st child and $25 for each additional child for the hours of 8am-2pm.  Early drop off 8am is an additional $3 per child and late pick-up at 4pm is an additional $7 per child.

You may email us at info@shininginglightgym.com or you may visit our website to sign up for camp.


Welcome, Shining Light Gymnastics is a faith-based gymnastics facility located in Spring Hill, TN. We offer a variety of gymnastics classes for boys and girls at every skill level ages 2 1/2 to 14. We also offer classes for parents and toddlers looking to spend some fun, quality time together as well as competitive cheerleading and gymnastics programs for those looking for a more advanced experience.

At Shining Light, we seek to provide the kind of fun, exciting, and challenging physical activities that are critical for helping kids develop coordination, agility, strength, and flexibility. At the same time, we believe that helping students accomplish their physical goals is only part of our mission. Our coaches are highly trained and passionate about helping our gymnasts and cheerleaders develop the self-esteem and confidence that are so critical during childhood.

Gymnastics is the basis of almost every sport. It is an excellent tool for total physical and psychological awareness., Gymnastics provides the building blocks needed for the growth and development to improve your child's confidence, discipline, flexibility, strength, body control and awareness. We look forward to helping your child grow physically, emotionally, and spiritual… while having fun along the way!