Gymnastics Team

Shining Light is excited to provide a selection of recreational gymnastics teams for various ages and abilities. Our gymnastics team gives gymnasts the opportunity to learn routines, which they will perform for family, friends, the community, and other area gyms in fun competition. We only compete in the USAG program.  Our sanctioned competitive team USAG,  requires more commitment than our recreational classes. Our Shining Light Gymnastics Team is offered for ages 5-14. Each gymnast is placed on a specific team designated to help him or her grow and develop based on their individual skill level, not age. There are 6 different levels for our gymnastics team. Team canidates are chosen from our Pre-Team class.

Our Competition Teams are coached by Directors, Re Shephard and Jenny Groom.



Practice Requirements:

Level 1/Preteam            1.5 hrs/week
Level 2                            4 hrs/week
Level 3-6                         8 hrs/week

Meet Requirements:

The Shining Light Gymnastics Team competes in 6 to 10 meets a year around the Middle Tennessee area. Attendance is mandatory and crucial since it is a team sport in which each member is needed for virtually every portion of practice.